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December 2007
Carbon Neutral: The New Green - Substantiation Issues for the Next Generation of Environmental Claims

The Antitrust Source
Winter 2007
Coming Soon To A Grand Jury Near You: The Broader Implications Of The New Civil Rules Relating To Electronically Stored Information For Environmental Enforcement

Natural Resources & Environment
Winter 2007
Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-432)
Jeanne L. Newlon
Washington D.C. Estate Planning Council Newsletter
November 2007
Meaghan H. Kent
Commercial Litigation Committee's The Business Suit; World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Newsletter
November 1, 2007
Legal Review: FTC After Trudeau ... In Other News, Liz Taylor to Wed (Again)
Jeffrey D. Knowles
Response Magazine
Filed October 31, 2007
Lead inventor with W.T. Shi, "Photoacoustic Imaging Contrast Agent and System for Converting Optical Energy to In-band Acoustic Emission"

US Patent Application 60/983994
Filed October 31, 2007
Lead inventor, "Tracer Kinetic Models for Acoustic Contrast Imaging Applications Using Photo-acoustics or Thermo-acoustics"

US Patent Application 60/983991