September 20, 2009

Stef Tucker comments on benefit of “wealth summits” in BusinessWeek story

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Venable partner Stef Tucker was quoted in a September 20, 2009 BusinessWeek story about the increasing popularity of “wealth summits” in the wake of last year’s economic downturn.

The summits, which are coordinated meetings with attorneys, accountants, and financial advisers enable a team of trusted advisers to share information and brainstorm with their clients on a wide range of legal and financial issues. The meetings have long been common among ultra-rich families, but in the wake of last year's of last year’s downturn, more executives are gathering advisory teams to assess their personal financial game plans.

The meetings are usually orchestrated by a financial adviser, and are used to give all of the client’s advisors a full understanding of the financial situation and eliminate discipline-specific blind spots. "All [advisors] have gaps in training and understanding," said Tucker.

Another benefit of the meetings is that they can create a system of checks and balances, and provide an extra set of eyes to catch wasteful strategies or unrecognized opportunities.