June 08, 2011

Ian Volner receives J. Edward Day Award

1 min

Congratulations to Venable partner Ian Volner, who received the Association of Postal Commerce's J. Edward Day award at their Board of Directors meeting on June 7, 2011.

The J. Edward Day award is the Association of Postal Commerce's highest honor granted in recognition of "distinguished service to the nation's postal community." This award is conveyed only to individuals whose contributions to the nation's postal community have truly been outstanding. J. Edward Day was PostCom's legal counsel for many years until 1986, and is known as the Father of the Zip Code.

Former recipients include Janet D. Steiger, former Chairman of the Postal Rate Commission, former PMGs William F. Bolger and Marvin Runyon, former Senator Ted Stevens, former Congressman John McHugh, former General Counsel of the Postal Service Tim May, as well as former Postmaster General Jack Potter.