January 5, 2012

Greg Sater quoted in Los Angeles Business Journal on victory by ad agency over stolen idea

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Venable partner Greg Sater was quoted in a January 2, 2012 Los Angeles Business Journal article on a victory by a small Los Angeles ad agency, Concept Chaser, that claimed a corporation stole their marketing idea and executed it with another ad agency. The court sided with Concept Chaser because of the agency's contract, which stated that they owned the idea.

Commenting on the case, Sater said, “Ad agencies, like Hollywood writers, regularly pitch ideas and sometimes complain ideas are stolen. Most such lawsuits fail. What made this case different was the contract that Concept Chaser wrote.” Sater added, “This wasn’t a fully articulated agreement, but it was in writing and it was signed…It led to a very impressive victory at trial.”