June 28, 2012

Washington Post quotes Douglas Baldridge on case regarding abuse of anti-spam laws

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Venable partner Douglas Baldridge was quoted in a June 27, 2012 Washington Post article on an anti-spamming case in which he currently defends Kraft Foods advertising affiliate company, Connexus Corp. Paul Wagner, an Internet service provider operating out of Silver Spring, filed the lawsuit against Connexus and has a history of gratuitously making use of anti-spam laws. He has accrued up to $1 million in similar cases.

In reference to Wagner’s suspicious anti-spamming lawsuits, Baldridge asked the jury: “Are you going to allow those people that do everything they can to receive this spam, knowing they’re getting it, to make lots of money off of it — over a million bucks?” This lawsuit highlights the difficult balance between preventing abuse of anti-spam laws while also ensuring that punitive measures are taken against guilty spammers.