February 20, 2013

Jamie Barnett quoted in Law360 on cyberattacks linked to Chinese military

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Venable partner Jamie Barnett was quoted in a February 19, 2013 Law360 article on the recent report by a cybersecurity firm alleging the Chinese military stole data from at least 115 U.S. companies since 2006 by hacking into their computer systems. The firm alleges that the country’s secretive cyber division known as the People's Liberation Army Unit 61398 is responsible for the attacks. While the Chinese government denies the allegations, attorneys say the report should push companies to have the strongest possible defense.

Commenting on the report, Admiral Barnett advised companies to set up more than a perimeter defense through firewalls and passwords. “When companies first start talking about cybersecurity, they talk about perimeter defense, but because of the constant barrage of attacks and many tools that the hackers have, this defense is no longer sufficient, and companies need to have a layered defense,” he said. “It's like the concept that compartmentalization could have saved the Titanic from sinking.”