March 21, 2013

Associated Press and FOX News interview Jamie Barnett about cyberattack on South Korea

2 min

Venable partner and retired Navy Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett was interviewed by the Associated Press and FOX News on March 20, 2013 about Wednesday’s cyberattack on thousands of computers at six South Korean banks and media companies. Investigators have traced the attacks to a Chinese IP address although it is still unclear who orchestrated the attack since an IP address can be manipulated. Suspicion continues to fall on North Korea which has threatened South Korea and the United States in recent weeks over United Nations sanctions and military drills.

Speaking with the Associated Press about the possibility of North Korea being behind the attacks, Admiral Barnett said, “If it plays out that this was a state-sponsored attack, that’s pretty bald-faced and definitely an escalation in the tensions between the two countries.” Admiral Barnett pointed to the ominous question about what businesses in South Korea or elsewhere could be the next target. “This needs to be a wake-up call,” he warned. “This can happen anywhere.”

Multiple publications featured the Associated Press interview including the Washington Post, ABC News, and CBS News among others.

Admiral Barnett was also interviewed on FOX News about the cyberattacks. Appearing on Studio B with Shepard Smith, Admiral Barnett said “Cyberwarfare is a major part of modern warfare,’ adding that “When anyone makes these kinds of attacks you have to be cautious.” According to Admiral Barnett, one of the biggest concerns about the recent cyberattacks is was something already inside the systems of the banks and media companies because they already had firewalls and passwords to protect them before the attacks.