November 14, 2013

Publications continue quoting Jamie Barnett on faulty location data for wireless 911 calls

1 min

Adding to coverage of a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report highlighting the problem of 911 call centers tracking inaccurate location data for wireless calls, the Delaware County Daily Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Venable partner Jamie Barnett on the issue.

In a November 12 article in the Delaware County Daily Times, Barnett – who is director of the public-safety professionals group Find Me 911 Coalition – said his coalition believes the problem is more widespread across the nation. For instance, officials in California contacted the FCC about a similar problem back in August. Elaborating in the Inquirer in a November 13 article, he said that close to 170 million wireless 911 calls are made annually in the U.S., and last year about 73 million came through with errant information.

Barnett explained that these problems arose when wireless carriers began using GPS. “GPS just doesn’t work for the way the majority of the calls are made – wireless and indoors,” he said.