June 13, 2014

Jamie Barnett reacts to FCC chair’s cybersecurity vision in FedScoop and TR Daily

1 min

In June 12, 2014 articles, FedScoop and TR Daily featured Venable partner and retired Navy Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett’s reaction to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler’s call for a private sector-led effort to strengthen cybersecurity in the communications sector.

“Chairman Wheeler's measured yet bold call for a new market-based cybersecurity paradigm is one of the clearest policy statements on cyber in years,” Admiral Barnett told both publications. “He is saying to carriers and ISPs [Internet Service Provider] that the FCC will work with you but that cybersecurity must improve past what the market has been willing to bear so far.”

“He said the word ‘accountability’ a half dozen times at least,” added Admiral Barnett, “so while no heavy-handed regulations are expected, I expect changes in what the FCC expects to hear from ISPs on cybersecurity status. And the Chairman preserved his options if cybersecurity does not improve measurably.”