July 02, 2014

David Strickland quoted in Automotive News on technology to reduce distracted driving

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Venable partner David Strickland was quoted in a June 30, 2014 Automotive News article on new technology designed to reduce distracted driving. Last week, at its annual developer conference, Google unveiled Android Auto which allows drivers to make phone calls, send text messages, navigate with Google Maps, and listen to music mostly through voice command. To help avoid distractions, the phone is plugged into the car with a USB cable and locked preventing a driver from using it. Rival Apple adopted a similar strategy with its CarPlay interface. Most automakers plan to offer both interfaces to attract customers.

“This isn't going to take care of 100 percent of the ability to be distracted,” said Strickland. “If people are going to make an unsafe decision, they're going to make an unsafe decision. But if you offer music, messaging and information services through the vehicle safely, you've created an environment where people will be willing to plug in their phone and not be so distracted.” Strickland also said the use of voice commands is a “wise approach.”