August 07, 2014

TRDaily quotes Jamie Barnett on proposed FCC principles for improved wireless 911 location accuracy

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Venable partner, and retired Navy Rear Admiral, Jamie Barnett was quoted in an August 7, 2014 TRDaily article on FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel’s call for four principles to improve wireless 911 location accuracy. Commissioner Rosenworcel called a dispatchable location such as a specific room or suite in an office, apartment, or hotel building the “gold standard.” However, she acknowledged that the goal could take time and that it was important to have interim milestones along the way.

“Commissioner Rosenworcel has been a driving force in the FCC's efforts to improve indoor 911 location accuracy, and the principles she outlined show her continued leadership on this issue,” said Admiral Barnett who also serves as director of the Find Me 911 Coalition. “As she noted, our long-term goal should be the gold standard of dispatchable addresses, but to reach it, we must move immediately to set solid interim benchmarks, as the FCC did in its proposed rule.” He added that “that nothing in the principles or Commissioner Rosenworcel's remarks supported the carriers' goal to delay and weaken the proposed rule, and we hope this clears the path to quickly adopt it as drafted. Only through FCC action will the carriers make the necessary investments to ensure both achievable two-year benchmarks and longer-term dispatchable addresses.”

Responding to criticism from other groups who want to find consensus with cell carriers over wireless 911 location accuracy, Admiral Barnett said “the Find Me 911 Coalition wants a solution. Every time a carrier says 'consensus,' I hear the word 'delay,' because that's what they really mean. Carriers have opposed any meaningful requirements for location accuracy, not just in this rulemaking but in nearly every prior rulemaking on the same issue. Every additional day of talking and testing and postponing is another day in which 27 wireless callers on average die because a 911 operator could not find them in time.”