Alex Weingarten quoted in Law360 on contract breach settlement

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Venable partner Alex Weingarten was quoted in a September 4, 2014 Law360 article on a $6 million breach of contract settlement between a defunct film financing hedge fund and film investor David Bergstein. Under terms of the settlement, which also ends long-running litigation with Bergstein’s former partner, Bergstein will receive $4 million in equity share of the fund and the rights to a film he and his entities funded with $750,000 in loans. The settlement also resolves a bankruptcy petition Bergstein filed against a Chapter 7 trustee.

Weingarten, who represents Bergstein, said his client is “thrilled” with the settlement. “It vindicates [Bergstein] and confirms that there was never any merit to any of the outlandish claims being made by Aramid and [Molner],” he added. “This is a big win as we move forward with our continuing efforts to hold all of those who were responsible for this jihad against [Bergstein] accountable.”

In addition to Weingarten, Venable associates Jeffrey Logan, Eric Bakewell, Micol Sordina, Logan Elliott, Varty Defterderian and Leslie Eggers also represent Bergstein.