Law360 quotes Doug Baldridge’s arguments in pay-for-delay trial

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Venable partner Doug Baldridge was quoted in a November 19, 2014 Law360 article on a motion for a mistrial in an ongoing pay-for-delay trial. The plaintiffs claim AstraZeneca PLC conspired with two generic drug makers to game the patent system in order to overcharge consumers for a heartburn treatment. Ranbaxy, one of the generic drug makers, is represented by Baldridge, Lisa Jose Fales, Danielle Foley, and Sarah Choi.

Baldridge said, "Ranbaxy's view of this important and delicate issue is fully set forth in the motion itself." The motion argued, "Given Ranbaxy's justifiable reliance on the legal framework established by the court's summary judgment opinion, the verdict form, and the various sidebar conferences, a mistrial must be declared."