November 17, 2014 | Law360

Randy Shaheen quoted in Law360 on California's "Made in the USA" law

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Venable partner Randy Shaheen was quoted in a November 17, 2014 Law360 article on California's "Made in the USA" labeling law. Under California law, a product can only bear an American-made label if all parts or materials come from the US. The California law conflicts with the Federal Trade Commission's which defines "Made in the USA" as all or virtually all of a product produced domestically.

To help avoid potential lawsuits in California, Shaheen suggested alternative labeling such as "Made in the USA of US and foreign parts" or "Made in the USA predominately of domestic fabric." He said, "The point is to give consumers an indication that not every part of a product contains parts that originated from the US." Commenting on the value of the "Made in the USA" marketing tool, Shaheen added, "It's hard not to advertise in California because it's a huge market, but you want to make a claim in the other 49 states that a product is 'Made in USA.'"