December 24, 2014

Baltimore Sun quotes Seth Rosenthal on legal fees ruling in racial profiling case

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Venable partner Seth A. Rosenthal was quoted in a December 24, 2014 Baltimore Sun article on a legal fees ruling in a racial profiling case. A Baltimore County judge again ordered the Maryland State Police to reimburse nearly $600,000 in legal fees to civil liberties groups in a long-running court battle over racial profiling. The judge ruled that the police had to cover the costs last March and reaffirmed his decision after a request to reconsider by the police.

"If a state agency is simply obstinate about producing records that the law clearly requires it to produce, the courts are going to require it to pay," said Rosenthal who has been involved with the case since 2007. "And the requirement that they pay fees should act as a disincentive to flout the law and refuse to disclose records."