December 8, 2014

Jamie Barnett says FCC should adopt proposed 911 rules in TRDaily article

1 min

In a December 8, 2014 article, TRDaily quoted Venable partner and retired Navy Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett from his recent webinar on the proposed adoption of new 911 rules by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Admiral Barnett, who also serves as director of the Find Me 911 Coalition, said the FCC should adopt the 911 location accuracy rules it proposed earlier this year and explore a further notice plan proposed by two public safety group and four national wireless carriers.

"The goal of dispatchable address is definitely worth supporting, and this is the way we should support it. We should proceed immediately with design and testing. If the testing proves feasible, then the FCC should work on a rule to ensure that it has an enforceable implementation," Admiral Barnett said during the webinar. "We need to take a huge stride to save thousands of lives today and still set that vision for the future toward dispatchable address. What we don’t need to do is allow the cellphone companies to substitute…an uncertain promise for specific rules right now."