January 28, 2015

Jamie Barnett critical of apparent FCC move towards wireless industry road map in Communications Daily

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Venable partner Jamie Barnett was quoted in a January 28, 2015 Communications Daily article on the apparent move by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) towards a wireless industry favored road map for wireless 911 location. The proposed road map emphasizes the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to help pinpoint the location of a wireless 911 call inside a building.

"If the carriers are turning the rules towards the road map, then they do win, accountability will end up on the floor and the safety of the public will suffer," said Barnett. "The FCC's focus should be on saving lives, not cash," he added noting that wireless location rules have been a key focus of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. "I have a hard time believing he would compromise to the point of making meaningless rules," said Barnett. "Whatever the commission ultimately votes on, if it doesn’t have any binding indoor requirements or testing, the commission would be endorsing the status quo and repudiating the dozens of public safety organizations that have told the FCC that they need that mandatory indoor standard to save lives."