May 12, 2015

Publications feature addition of Kevin Turner and launch of State AG Practice

2 min

This week, Venable announced the formation of a State Attorney General Practice led by former Arkansas Attorney General and U.S. Senator Mark L. Pryor. The firm also announced the addition of Kevin L. Turner, Alabama's former Chief Deputy Attorney General, as counsel in the Washington, DC office. In that role, Turner had his hand in virtually every type of criminal, civil and policy matter handled by the attorney general, including financial services regulations, energy and environmental policy, gaming, data privacy and security, as well as food, drug and tobacco regulations.

Speaking with Law360 in a May 12, 2015 article, Senator Pryor said "the need for the new practice became apparent as more state attorneys general became influential in enforcement actions, cracking down on misconduct in banking, retail, customer service and more." He said the firm had worked on at least 30 cases in the past year involving attorneys general and had the background and staff with "the horsepower to get it done." Senator Pryor added, "The real difference is the firm has never had anyone in-house to try to pull that together and use the experiences that we have to really identify as an attorney general practice. The truth is we do a lot of stuff in this area — the firm is really tailor-made to do this type of practice, this type of work…We're really excited about possibilities here. I must say that I loved my time as Arkansas attorney general. It was a fun job; it was challenging. A lot of times, the governor or the Legislature would throw you a hot potato, and that's the nature of the office."

News of the new practice and Turner's addition were also featured in Reuters on May 13 and Legal Times and the Washington Business Journal on May 12.