June 09, 2015

Publications feature Alex Weingarten's representation of Snoop Dogg in endorsement suit

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On Monday, rapper Snoop Dogg filed a suit against Pabst Brewing Co. alleging the company owes him a portion of its $700 million sale for his endorsement of Pabst's Colt 45 brand. In 2011, the rapper signed a three-year endorsement deal with Pabst that the suit claims entitles him to 10% of the net sale of the Colt 45 brand. According to the complaint, filed by Venable partner Alex M. Weingarten and associate Micol Sordina Green, "Plaintiffs were to perform certain consulting services for Pabst in return for, inter alia, a portion of the proceeds from any sale of the Colt 45 brand family of products…Plaintiffs performed their end of the bargain. Pabst, on the other hand, refuses to honor the deal."

Multiple publications featured news of the suit including the Associated Press, Law360, USA Today and The Hollywood Reporter on June 8, 2015 and BBC News on June 9.