August 24, 2015

Jamie Barnett quoted on fallout of Ashley Madison hack in Communications Daily

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Venable partner Jamie Barnett discusses the possible fallout of the Ashley Madison hack on military and federal government workers in Communications Daily on August 24, 2015. Last week, hackers released private information about users of the website that promotes infidelity. Among those whose personal information was compromised were military and federal government employees who could be potentially become victims of blackmail.

"The breach of the names and personal information of subscribers of the Ashley Madison website could be more than just embarrassing for members of the military and federal government workers," said Barnett. He added that the information could have consequences for those with or seeking security clearances. "Sexual behavior can become relevant to security clearances if you can be blackmailed," Barnett said pointing to the Uniform Code of Military Justice making adultery an offense for members of the military.