September 24, 2015

Jamie Barnett quoted in CIO on possible cybertreaty with China

1 min

Venable partner Jamie Barnett was quoted in a September 24, 2015 CIO article on a possible cybertreaty with China. After weeks of negotiations, the U.S. and China appear on the verge of an agreement on hacking and cyberespionage. Discussions between the countries have increased recently as private sector companies are increasingly finding themselves the targets of hacking to steal trade secrets.

"The overriding thing during the discussion will be that the exfiltration and theft of U.S. private sector IP has to stop and the U.S. government will hold the government of China responsible" said Barnett. "Whether it is discussed or not, the veiled threat will be the possibility of bringing some type of pressure to bear, be it economic or otherwise, while at the same time dangling some carrots." Barnett said he expects any deal between the U.S. and China to be more of a "statement of principles" rather than a more concrete deal. Despite this, he noted the importance of the world’s two largest economies discussing the issue.