National Law Journal profiles Doug Baldridge on winning strategies

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On November 2, 2015, National Law Journal profiled several top litigators on their winning litigation strategies including Venable partner Doug Baldridge. The profile featured Venable's landmark victory on behalf of Ranbaxy Inc. in a reverse payment antitrust case where a jury unanimously ruled in favor of his client. In addition to Baldridge, Lisa Jose Fales and Danielle Foley, among others, helped secure the victory.

The profile included several "trial tips" on how to be a successful litigator. Baldridge said, "Some lawyers talk to juries like children and in a condescending way. It's not only stupid and not good for your client, it's misreading who you're dealing with—a really smart group collectively." He added, "I have cross-examined witnesses sometimes too harshly, been slightly tone deaf to how the jury is perceiving them. My approach is to take the medicine in the closing. Don't try to act like you did the right thing… If you're not comfortable with chaos, you’re not going to be comfortable trying cases."