Law360 profiles Competition MVP Doug Baldridge

2 min

On December 2, 2015, Law360 profiled Venable partner Doug Baldridge who was named a Competition MVP last month. Baldridge was named a MVP for Venable's landmark victory on behalf of Ranbaxy Inc. in a reverse payment antitrust case where a jury unanimously ruled in favor of his client. In addition to Baldridge, Lisa Jose Fales and Danielle Foley, among others, helped secure the victory.

Baldridge said the case was "really not that complex" despite uncertainties about applying new case law and the court's understanding of the case. "That's the little secret that kind of floats around the people that are in this space — the truth of the matter is, when you get to the trial level, it's just not that complex," said Baldridge. "Competition and antitrust is about burdens and benefits to certain conduct and incentives and disincentives to certain conduct. That's sort of a fancy way of saying how everyday life is [and] the jury is all over that."

Baldridge called the opportunity to litigate the case a "monumental opportunity to ... shape this law." He added, "There have got to be thousands of articles on what Actavis means, but when you boil it down, what the court did [was] it was going to apply the rule of reason to these cases…So you just go back to basic antitrust principles." Despite complex testimony and evidence, Baldridge said the case "really boiled down to a good old trial story" of causation.

"The bottom line is the goal in going into any trial is you need to prepare for every scenario," Baldridge advised. "We were prepared for a scenario where our agreement was the focus ... so we just had to put one foot in front of other keep walking."