January 25, 2016

City A.M. quotes Ed Wilson on investments in Iran’s economy

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Venable partner Ed Wilson was quoted in a January 25, 2016 City A.M. article on investing in Iran's economy following the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions. While most U.S. businesses are bound by other sanctions against Iran and may be slow to invest in the country, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are expected to be the countries most likely to invest in Iran.

"It is such a potentially vibrant market that international businesses are going to look at it very carefully, to participate in the re-growth of economic ties," said Wilson. While Turkey is expected to be a heavy investor, international companies may use it as a base to set up operations to do business with Iran. "Companies are going to be asking themselves 'are we better off going through Turkey?'" Wilson added.

"Capital is a coward. People will only deploy their capital where they think it will be safe. There will be an initial flow of capital into Iran but there will also be a lot of watching and waiting," Wilson predicted.