January 26, 2016

The Daily Record quotes Courtney Capute on Venable's response to historic blizzard

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Partner-in-charge of Venable's Baltimore office Courtney Capute was quoted in a January 26, 2016 article in The Daily Record on Venable's response to the historic blizzard that dropped nearly 30 inches of snow across Baltimore. While the Baltimore office was closed following the storm for safety and to allow for snow removal from the streets, many attorneys and staff worked remotely to ensure business continued as usual.

Despite the ability to work remotely, Capute said keeping the office running through the storm is not possible without behind the scenes efforts and advance planning. "For us, the planning actually started on Thursday night, looking at the weather," said Capute. "We have a couple folks that we put up in the hotel across the street, so they came in Friday packed to stay through Monday. They worked in our support center to keep the work moving, supplemented with other support staff who took home laptops to continue to work and provide that support service."