Law360 features Alex Weingarten's early victory in Snoop Dogg endorsement suit

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On February 24, 2016, Law360 featured an article on an early victory on behalf of rapper Snoop Dogg in an endorsement suit against Pabst Brewing Company. A California judge ruled that company cannot shake the suit alleging the rapper is owed a share of its $700 million sale. In his ruling, the judge denied Pabst’s motion to dismiss the suit for failure to state a claim and a motion to dismiss the case so that it could not be adjudicated in Illinois.

"The demurrer is really a motion for summary judgment in disguise; they seek to have the court take judicial notice of a contract and interpret it," Venable partner Alex Weingarten, who represents Snoop Dogg, said in court. He also argued that a forum selection clause in the rapper's contract with Pabst permitted any dispute to be tried in Illinois.

In addition to Weingarten, counsel Micol Green and associate Matthew Gurvitz also represent Snoop Dogg.