March 14, 2016

David Strickland panel discussion on self-driving cars quoted in USA Today and PoliticoPro

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n March 14, 2016, USA Today and PoliticoPro quoted Venable partner David Strickland on the future of self-driving cars and the need for Congress to lay down ground rules before the states intervene. Strickland made the remarks while participating in a panel discussion at the South by Southwest Interactive festival.

"This is going to be hard, because you could wind up having companies dealing with different rules for different states and a patchwork of laws could slow development and increase costs," said Strickland according to USA Today. "It's a speed issue," he added in PoliticoPro. Without Congress providing clarity, the technology could eventually make it to streets, but "it will just take a really, really long time."

Strickland noted that nearly 38,000 people die each year in automobile accidents and self-driving cars "have the potential to drive that towards zero." However, he cautioned, For consumers to accept these vehicles, "they have to be truly perfect, something you can put grandma in and know that it'll get her to the doctor without incident."