May 25, 2016

Alex Weingarten quoted in Hollywood Reporter

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Venable partner Alex Weingarten was quoted in a May 25, 2016 Hollywood Reporter article on Steve Carbone’s (Reality Steve) constant spoiling of the results of ABC's The Bachelorette. After being faced with multiple lawsuits in 2012 for leaking contest winners prior to the season finale, Carbone agreed not to solicit any information about the show from cast and crew members. Though he agreed not to solicit anyone connected to the show, he claims spoilers come to him with valuable information, which he shares on his site With Carbone walking a fine line with the law, Weingarten was asked to weigh in.

"The anti-SLAPP statute is looming over all of this," says Weingarten. "I don't think it should be covered, but California courts take an extremely broad view of what's covered under the statute."