July 13, 2016

Jamie Barnett appears on Government Matters to discuss cyberconflict rules of engagement

1 min

Venable partner Jamie Barnett appeared as a guest on the July 13, 2016 broadcast of Government Matters to discuss recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearings on cyberconflicts. Despite the absence of specific rules of engagement, the Defense Department has acknowledged to engaging in cyberattacks against organizations such as ISIS.

Barnett said the lack of a specific set of rules in cyberconflicts makes a big difference and compared it to rules of engagement in conventional warfare. He emphasized the importance of knowing under what circumstances the U.S. could attack the systems of another country while adhering to international norms. He also said it was important for our adversaries to know that we will react to attacks against the U.S. but that we will also take steps to neutralize threats against our interests.