August 29, 2016

FedScoop quotes Jamie Barnett on NATO’s efforts to increase cybersecurity in the Baltic States

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Venable partner Jamie Barnett was quoted in an August 29, 2016 FedScoop article on NATO's efforts to improve cybersecurity defenses throughout the Baltic States. The move comes following Vice President Joe Biden's recent meeting with political leaders from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia reaffirming Washington’s commitment to NATO.

"Biden's visit is symbolic of broader U.S. efforts to calm looming fears held by the Baltic States concerning Russia's evident interest and capability to mount offensive military operations in both the physical and cyber realms," said Barnett. "I think the DNC hack offered an attractive backdrop, but it wasn't the primary, motivating factor here. This goes back farther than that. [I think] it’s bigger." He explained that offensive cyber operations are a part of modern warfare and this was displayed in the recent Russo-Georgian War. Barnett added that leaders in the Baltic States remember that war and they "likely want some reassurances…cyber is a tripwire for them; a first sign for what could be a more expansive strike."