August 10, 2016

Jamie Barnett appears on Government Matters to discuss future of U.S. Cyber Command

1 min

Venable partner Jamie Barnett appeared on the August 10, 2016 broadcast of Government Matters to discuss the future of U.S. Cyber Command. He discussed the possibility of the president signing an executive order elevating CYBERCOM from a subordinate command under STRATCOM to a full Unified Combatant Command. He discussed the ramifications of the move, how it would change things for CYBERCOM, and how it would mean that the 4-star general or admiral in charge of CYBERCOM would no longer be dual hatted as the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Discussing the overall impact of such a possibility, Barnett said, "It's a huge move that emphasizes the importance of cyberdefense as part of our overall national security."