October 31, 2016

Jamie Barnett interviewed by ABC7 on locating 911 calls made from cell phones

1 min

Venable partner Jamie Barnett was interviewed on ABC7 about accurately locating 911 calls made from cell phones. To locate a caller using a cell phone, 911 computers communicate with individual cell phone networks to determine a caller’s location. However, location accuracy can vary and be more difficult if the caller is inside a building or surrounded by large structures.

"The technology exists to make sure that doesn't happen. Why wouldn't we use it?" said Barnett. "The problem is that those technologies cost money." He added, "You pay for the GPS chip that's in your phone and the government pays for the GPS satellites. That's not a very expensive solution. Every other solution costs money. I think the carriers like to think 'well, this is good enough.' And the answer is it's not good enough. We need better technology to make sure we can find exactly where you are. Whatever technology you have to use, use it."