December 06, 2016

LXBN interviews Amy Mudge and Randy Shaheen on All About Advertising Law's Blawg 100 recognition

2 min

Venable partners Amy Mudge and Randy Shaheen were interviewed in a December 6, 2016, LXBN article on the continued popularity of their blog, All About Advertising Law. For the third consecutive year, ABA Journal recognized the blog on its annual Blawg 100 list of the most compelling law blogs.

"Amy and I started blogging before law blogs were all that common (the ABA might have done a Blawg 20 back then)," said Shaheen when asked about the biggest obstacle they had to overcome in their blogging career. "So our struggles revolved around convincing everyone that a blog was worth doing, would have any appeal to people, wouldn't seem unprofessional, didn't violate dozens of ethical rules and that enough content could be generated. My impression today is that you have to ask different questions such as ‘is the market too saturated' or ‘how can I stand out in a crowd.'"

Discussing what makes their blog stand apart from others, they said, "[O]ne of the things we try to do is to inject a bit of ourselves and our personalities into the blog (while avoiding things like bragging about how awesome our kids are . . . .). As a result, often times when we meet a reader for the first time they will say something like 'I feel like I already know you.' That's always nice to hear and helps create an instant connection."