December 05, 2016

Jamie Barnett quoted in Communications Daily on president’s cybersecurity commission report

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Venable partner Jamie Barnett was quoted in a December 5, 2016, Communications Daily article on the recently released report from the president's Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. Created by executive order earlier this year, the report focuses on six areas of cybersecurity, including protecting information infrastructure and digital networks, innovation, preparing consumers, growing the cybersecurity workforce, securing government, and safeguarding the digital economy.

Barnett said the recommendations in the report "solidly recognize all of the problems and propose a process to address them." However, he added, "But one notable absence is a huge enable to any policy: resources. Only in a couple of places do the recommendations mention funding. The lack of security has huge costs, but getting the right security also costs. Until the federal government commits strongly and deeply to tax and other incentives for small and medium businesses, these and other recommendations to improve cybersecurity will lag in implementation and effectiveness. What got America to the moon was both dedication and a commitment of significant resources."