March 31, 2017

Women’s Wear Daily quotes Po Yi on virtual and augmented reality in retail

2 min

Venable partner Po Yi was quoted in a March 31, 2017, Women's Wear Daily article on the future of virtual and augmented reality in retail. Yi made the comments while participating as a panelist on "Mercenary Matters: Technology and the Changing World of Retail" at the Fordham Fashion Law Institute's 7th Annual Symposium.

"I'm not a huge fan of VR. I'm more of a fan of mixed reality or augmented reality so that you can actually picture yourself. So you can input the dimensions of your room and then use your hands [on an oversize screen] to move things around," said Yi. "The problem with VR is it's a tethered experience. You have to have Oculus and they have to be tethered to a device whereas AR is not. You can get more data and you can use that data to help you see better. It’s like having a third eye where you can picture things in your head, and see that."

She added, "You are seeing mixed reality in entertainment. We have clients who are getting into that business of creating a whole experience — an in-store environment that you could only dream of. Think about creating a VR experience in Mars, but the clothes you’re wearing are actual clothes. So you can create a backdrop of things that you can only experience through VR."