Mark Pryor quoted in Law360 on federal government funding

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Venable partner and former Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor was quoted in an April 21, 2017, Law360 article on a deadline to fund the federal government or risk a shutdown. Congress and the White House have until the end of the week to reach a deal though Republicans and Democrats strongly disagree on President Donald Trump top priorities including funding for a wall along the Mexican border and funding for Obamacare.

"The leadership for the country starts with the White House," said Pryor. "The question is, does President Trump want to govern, want to be efficient in getting his agenda passed or parts of his agenda passed." He added that the overly partisan atmosphere in Washington "is not good for the system and is not good for government" and that Democrats face a choice in how they want to respond in the coming weeks. "So much of this depends on how the Democrats want to handle things," he said. "If the Democrats want to take a page out of the Republican playbook out of the last few years and be obstructionist then very little will get done."

Pryor said the new normal of delays, last minute budget deals, and "the fiscal cliff that we always seem to be butting up against" is not good for the country. "The lack of continuity and lack of certainty is not healthy. It is hard to think about the big things when you can't get the little things done."