Mark Pryor quoted on Senate filibuster nuclear option in Christian Science Monitor

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Venable partner and former Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor was quoted in an April 5, 2017, Christian Science Monitor article on an expected move by Senate Republicans to invoke the so-called nuclear option to do away with the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees. The likely move is a result of Democrats' filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Invoke the nuclear option would allow Judge Gorsuch to be confirmed with a simple majority while avoiding the need for 60 votes to end debate on his nomination.

"All of this is completely avoidable," said Senator Pryor, who was part of the bipartisan Gang of 14 that helped preserve the filibuster back in 2005. "It was all a matter of leadership and political will and it still is." He advised Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and minority leader Chuck Schumer to pause and work on deescalating the tensions between the parties. "There's no reason this nominee has to be done this week or next week or next month."