August 20, 2017 | CNNMoney

CNNMoney quotes Jeffrey Weiss in an article about NAFTA renegotiations

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Venable partner Jeffrey Weiss was quoted in an article in CNNMoney on August 20, 2017, about NAFTA renegotiations. Representatives from the United States, Canada, and Mexico said that negotiations will continue at a "rapid pace," adding that "a great deal of effort and negotiation will be required in the coming months." The countries "are committed to an accelerated and comprehensive negotiation process" that will establish "21st century standards" that benefit citizens, they said in a statement.

Round 2 of the NAFTA talks are set to be held for September 1-5 in Mexico City. The third: late September in Ottawa.

"NAFTA 2.0 talks will be difficult and prolonged," said Weiss.