October 2017

Doug Baldridge named a "Winning Litigator" by The National Law Journal

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Doug Baldridge was named to The National Law Journal's 2017 list of "Winning Litigators." This special report features 20 lawyers nationwide who have handled high-stakes litigation between January 2016 and July 2017. In the special report the winners shared their successes and trial tips.

Regarding what he believes to have been key to his success at trial, Mr. Baldridge is quoted as saying, "Be yourself. Jurors won't forgive a phony and they are superior at detecting one. Sincerity and being genuine are paramount." He also advises that, "If you cannot tell the story of the evidence in five simple concepts, you aren't ready to try the case. This isn't because juries need simplicity [but] because honest and compelling arguments are simple at their essence."

Mr. Baldridge has tried several high-profile cases in the last two years, including successfully defending Ms. Taylor Swift in a highly-publicized civil assault and wrongful termination case and Ranbaxy, a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer, in several antitrust cases.