November 2017

Washington Lawyer features Annette Kwok

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Annette Kwok was featured in a profile article in the November issue of Washington Lawyer. Here is an excerpt:

It's an unusual path from chemistry to law. What first piqued your interest in becoming an attorney?

I worked on some high-profile projects under the guidance of amazing mentors. They allowed me to really contribute intellectually to each project, and I became a named co-inventor on six patents. As a scientist, I would spend a lot of time focusing on a narrow area of scientific research, and then a patent attorney would quickly learn everything my team had done for the past couple of years and prepare a patent application. I was impressed by how quickly the attorney learned everything and the breadth of knowledge she had from learning different technologies.

I began drafting patents and claims with the in-house patents counsel, who then encouraged me to go to law school because they saw that it was a path I might be interested in. Learning new things is very important to me, and I saw becoming an attorney as a way for me to constantly learn new things. So, I took their advice and became a patent attorney. It’s exciting to work with inventors and learn about new technologies and scientific developments.