December 22, 2017

Government Matters interviews Jamie Barnett about North Korea WannaCry cyberattack

1 min

Jamie Barnett was interviewed during a "Security Matters" segment on Government Matters on December 22, 2017, about comments from the Department of Homeland Security advisor, Tom Bossert, framing the WannaCry cyberattack as a defining moment for North Korea. Barnett emphasized that as a result of the cyberattack, "additional sanctions and options are possible, but there are not many military options to consider." When asked about the global impact of the cyberattack and attribution of WannaCry, Barnett added, "WannaCry was reckless and it spread all over the world, which is what cryptoworms do; for example, WannaCry severely attacked healthcare in Great Britain and train stations. There is no way to say attribution is scientific, but we had the initial indication this summer it was North Korea."

In comments to the journalist about international attribution, Barnett commented, "Additional countries, such as, Britain and Australia have looked at finger prints from North Korea, but this does not eliminate the possibility of false flag identification." Barnett closed the interview emphasizing, "We have to keep cyber hygiene up to date and rules of engagement for national security threats at the Department of Defense; this should serve as a reminder."