January 5, 2018

American Lawyer quotes Angel Garganta about issues related to class actions and mass torts

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Angel Garganta was quoted on January 5, 2018, in an article about clean food labeling predictions for 2018. Here is an excerpt from the column.

"Out with the "natural" and in with the…. "handcrafted"? As the FDA continues musing over what constitutes "natural" ingredients on food labels, expect "real," "premium" and "handcrafted" to crop up in class actions this year, says Mr. Garganta. He noted that "handcrafted" has come up frequently in cases over alcoholic products. But that doesn’t mean the cases will succeed, noting the dismissal of a lawsuit alleging Fig Newtons weren't made with "real" fruit. "I don't know what was expected," he told me. "Whole plump figs inside the Newton?"