January 17, 2018

Communications Daily quotes Jamie Barnett in an article about false missile alarm in Hawaii

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Jamie Barnett was quoted on January 17, 2018, in an article about the FCC investigating a false alarm warning about a possible ballistic missile headed for Hawaii that caused panic. "The state is looking into changing its processes for sending alerts," says Hawaiian Governor David Ige.

Mr. Barnett said the fix is easy, but the FCC can't order states to change their policies. "It is good that we have a nationwide, integrated warning system to cover modern-day threats, and missile attack threats are constantly in the news now unfortunately," said Barnett. "Coming from the military, I have always been strongly in favor of tests and exercises. Exercises include humans and protocols, and it is crucially important to regularly train and exercise systems, their operators and leadership in the broad array of scenarios that could happen." The false alarm was bad, he said. "It shocked and panicked people on Hawaii for no reason," and "it may make them less likely to need future warnings. As bad as it was, it is unconscionable that it took over a half hour for a cancellation," he said."