May 25, 2018

The Verge quotes Shannon Yavorsky in an article about what will change once GDPR goes into effect

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Shannon Yavorsky was quoted on May 25, 2018, in an article in The Verge about what will change with the implementation of the Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

One of the most important changes that will take place is that GDPR sets rules for how companies share data after it’s been collected, which means companies have to rethink how they approach analytics, logins, and, above all, advertising.

Ms. Yavorsky said clients were particularly stymied by the question of who would be liable if data was breached from a sharing partner. "I get asked all the time, what’s the market standard? We just don’t know. There haven't been any penalties, so we don’t know what the enforcement is going to look like."

There's no obvious fix to any of those issues, and the underlying disagreements will rage on long beyond the May deadline.