June 12, 2018

Law360 features Venable's representation of Electrolux Home Products Inc. at the ITC

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Law360 wrote an article on June 12, 2018, about how Electrolux Home Products Inc. has hit several companies from the U.S. and China with a complaint at the U.S. International Trade Commission, accusing the companies of making and importing "knockoff" water filters that infringe its supplier's filtration patents.

According to Electrolux, the companies named as proposed respondents to the investigation have made and sold products that infringe on its KXT's patents for its custom-made water filters that are designed to specifically be used for Electrolux refrigerators.

The company also claimed in its statement that counterfeit water filters often contained "artificial and harmful contaminants" that could potentially harm American consumers, citing a study last month by the Association for Home Appliance Manufacturers.

Electrolux is represented by Venable partner Andrew F. Pratt and in-house by Ray Ashburg.