September 12, 2018

SouthBay profiles Kathy Wunderli as a woman coach of a champion baseball team

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On September 12, 2018, Kathy Wunderli was profiled in an article in SouthBay about her role as a woman coach of her son's champion baseball team, which demonstrates that women are capable of coaching in a male dominated sport. Here is an excerpt:

When asked what she attributes to her years of success as a coach, not surprisingly Kathy is incredibly humble. "My teams have done well. It's not because I'm such a good coach; it's because if you focus less on winning and more on developing the players and team comradery, you actually win more."

In January 2017 Kathy announced her Women's Coaching Initiative. Enlisting the help of other moms, Kathy is working toward increasing the number of female coaches in the league. But it's a challenge.

"Women are really reluctant to coach," she notes. "I'm trying to figure out how to make the Women's Coaching Initiative successful, but it has to start early enough so that they can feel comfortable with the game. It's a process."

Starting early means encouraging moms to not just watch from the stands but participate with the team. "This year we had games on Mother's Day," Kathy says. "My team and a couple others had all moms coaching the bases. They loved it, and the kids had so much fun giving their moms a high-five at the bases." One of those moms is now coaching a Fall Ball team.