September 25, 2018

The Washington Examiner quotes Jeff Weiss in an article about how the U.S. is reaching its limits on imposing tariffs on China

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On September 25, 2018, Jeff Weiss was quoted in the Washington Examiner in an article about how President Trump is reaching the limits of additional, new tariffs he can use to put pressure on China, and how the administration is exploring other options.

According to the article, goods imported from China totaled $505 billion last year. President Trump has already enacted tariffs on $250 billion of them. Should he follow through with the threat of tariffs on $276 billion more that he made last week, they’ll cover every product coming in, with room to spare.

Mr. Weiss said it seems pretty clear that the $267 billion more in tariffs are definitely coming. "He gave himself no wiggle room … He said if China retaliates we'll 'immediately' go to the next round of tariffs," Weiss said, noting that China responded to Trump's latest round of tariffs the same day with $60 billion in new tariffs against the U.S. "So they're going to do it and probably pretty soon."