November 23, 2018

Los Angeles Business Journal quotes Alex Weingarten in an article about Stan Lee's legacy, estate, and memorabilia

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On November 23, 2018, Alex Weingarten was quoted in an article in the Los Angeles Business Journal about the late Marvel Comics creator, Stan Lee's legacy, estate, and memorabilia. Lee died on Nov. 12 at age 95 and had a widely reported net worth of $50 million to $70 million.

While disposition of Lee's estate remains up in the air, there's plenty of his valuable memorabilia that private collectors are trying to sell to the highest bidder. Recently, these collectors participated in Julien's Auctions' Icons and Idols auction. The auction house said that despite the high prices of Lee’s memorabilia, astute buyers should not be suspicious of the widely reported memorabilia sales since they complete a thorough authentication process, tracking the provenance, or line of ownership, of an item.

Mr. Weingarten said that in the case of Stan Lee, everything he touched will remain a hot commodity for the foreseeable future and is therefore ripe for fraud and counterfeiting. However, he said, the value of memorabilia pales in comparison to Lee's unsold intellectual property.

"Whatever memorabilia that he might have, it's not where the action is," Weingarten said. That's just stuff, and there's a finite amount of it. Rather, I foresee a serious effort to monetize his name and likeness rights.

"I think we'll be hearing about someone producing 'The Stan Lee Story' sometime in the near future."