February 26, 2019

WYPR Features Seth Rosenthal on the Baltimore Police Department’s Consent Decree with the Federal Government

1 min

On February 26, 2019, Seth Rosenthal was featured on WYPR discussing the Baltimore Police Department’s consent decree with the federal government and its efforts to adopt a number of specific reforms aimed at ensuring effective, safe, and constitutional policing. The consent decree was reached between the city, the police department, and the Justice Department after a Justice Department investigation found that Baltimore police routinely violated residents' civil rights.

"It’s like any other court order. If a party does not comply with the court order, the court can do things to compel the party to comply," said Rosenthal, a member of the Baltimore Consent Decree Monitoring Team assisting the department on reforms. “The idea is that this consent decree should not last forever, but if the police department and the city were to drag their feet and were to willfully not comply with the consent decree, the judge could put their feet to the fire.”

"To be clear, we haven’t seen anything like that. At this point, as Judge Bedar himself has found, both the city and the police department have been willing partners in the reform effort," Rosenthal added.

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