September 13, 2019

Politico Space Quotes Jared Stout on Discussion of Space Policy During Presidential Primaries

1 min

On September 13, 2019, Jared Stout was quoted in Politico Space regarding candidates' discussion of space policy during the presidential primaries. According to the article, the space program rarely comes up during presidential primaries. However, the lead-up to primaries in states with a large space program presence like Florida could prompt candidates to talk about their plans and how they would affect the local workforce.

The growth of the private space industry may also force the issue, says Stout. "As the space industry becomes a bigger and bigger part of our national dialogue, I would expect for candidates to make some comment on how our space assets affect our daily lives, GPS being a prime example," he said. "There are entire sectors of our economy that rely on space assets. ... It would certainly behoove candidates to think about these issues and how they can support their continued development and utilization."